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  • Vacuuming of pool 
  • Tile, filter maintenance and replacing of cracked skimmer lids
  • Testing and adjusting of calcium hardness and total dissolved solids

We love the blue water and not the breeding ground for algaes! Specialists at Smilehandyy provide unparalleled pool maintenance & repair service, making every effort to complete the work timely making your pool hassle free & a joy that you own. We take care of any hamper caused to your tiles and ensure a pool that is swimmable all year long.  

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4.9/5 From 9 reviews

July 20, 2020

it was a really good service, the guys were professional.

June 30, 2020

Good service as always..

June 30, 2020

They keep my swimming pool clean.

June 10, 2020

It was short notice, and I am very glad that you guys arrange on the spot. The team did a great job.

June 01, 2020

They were very efficient but also really good at doing the maintenance.

May 27, 2020

Absolutely perfect.

April 30, 2020

It was an excellent swimming pool cleaning service.

April 30, 2020

I was impressed, they made my swimming poll bright and clean. Fantastic job.

November 18, 2019

Staffs are good and  professional, there are hard to clean in some area in the swimming pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

If looking for Swimming Pool Cleaning or Swimming Pool Maintenance in Abu Dhabi, we can provide our rates based on the no.of visits needed and basic maintenance checks can be included.

 Basic tools and chemicals are included in the price eg. Chlorine level tests, vacuum pipes, broom sticks. Additional charges apply if intense cleaning is required, e.g. grout cleaning and removal of algae.

For Pool Maintenance our Qualified experts can provide a detailed snag report

24 hours notice would be ideal to book a time of your preference; however, we can arrange the service on the same day, based on the availability.

"Pay online after service" payment option. Our payment method is safe and secure. We do not store card information on our systems. 


You can pay Cash on delivery charges for which are AED 5.

- Personalised touch – we understand your requirement and provide you with the best possible solutions at pocket friendly prices

- Customer support – 24/7 support is provided

- Collect Quotes- all our vendors are local. You can get 3-5 quotes for every service you are looking for.

- Licensed Experts- intensive Due diligence is done before any vendor is taken on board. We work with only qualified professionals

All About Swimming Pool Cleaning

Swimming Pool Cleaning Abu Dhabi


  • Vacuuming of pool: Our team is resourced with branded and quality supplies for pool maintenance & repair service. Brushing your pool followed by vacuuming allows to get rid of any contamination source in the pool. 

  • Tile, filter maintenance and replacing of cracked skimmer lids: Repair and maintenance of the filters, skimmers, tiles, pump and motor. A regular hand at inspecting these guarantees a well maintained swimming pool in your home or commercial space.

  • Testing and adjusting of calcium hardness and total dissolved solids: For pool maintenance & repair service the most crucial step is to ensure the correct balance of pH level. We not only check but provide the right amount of calcium hardness and dissolved solids in your pool that prevents corrosion to your pool equipments.

As one of the leading home service providers in the UAE, customers place their trust in us when it comes to fixing, maintaining and looking after their home and office. Pool maintenance & repair service is one such frequently booked service by our clients.

  • Rapid response at the time of booking any service from our team of professionals is one of our specialities. Expect instant response or free quotes from our trusted partners. Experience an unmatched, timely and reliable service. 

  • Every customer is unique and so are their needs. We understand your problems and are able to give the most holistic solutions based on our personalised services. Get your requirements fulfilled with simplicity and a personal touch.

  • Great attention is paid to every detail that the customers provide.  Sit back with peace of mind as we match your requirements with top-rated and experienced professionals for your pool maintenance & repair service. 

Pool is often the most loved area of a house and something that is in constant contact with direct sunlight and water. Wear and tear is obvious! Maintaining a pool single-handedly is not practical and you need professional help. Smile Handyy offers the best services for swimming pool cleaning Abu Dhabi, uplifting its entire look and ensuring utmost security. We keep in mind the emotions attached to your pool while offering our service. We use high quality products for our patented cleaning services.

Services we offer:

  • A pool faces a lot of problems for which we offer maintenance. These include mold and mildew, staining, germs and bacteria breeding and etching on the tile. Our swimming pool cleaning Abu Dhabi are the best because we use good quality deep-penetrating cleaners for pool tile cleaning to remove all the stains, etching, mold and mildew from the surface. An efficient tile cleaner should also deliver an incredible sheen and cleanliness. 

  • We also ensure that the tile surrounding your pool is also clean and slime-free. We also use heavy-duty cleaners to render the surface surrounding your pool also immaculate. We also check for possible repairs in the cracks and chips. We seal them using good quality sealers. 

  • Our swimming pool cleaning Abu Dhabi also includes pool rail cleaning. The stainless-steel pool rail often gets rusted or stained due to constant use. Nobody likes to enter a pool using a dirty pool rail. A complete repair job entails removing all the etching, rust and stains from the pool rail using a heavy-duty stainless-steel cleaner, which leaves its shining and sparkling. 

So, hire our services for swimming pool cleaning Abu Dhabi today to maintain your swimming pools in the best of health. Enjoy your swim with friends and family availing our services at affordable costs. 



Swimming Pool Cleaning Abu Dhabi