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  • Upto AED 1000 Damage Protection.
  • FREE Handyman service (curtain hanging, electrician, plumbing, carpenter etc.).
  • FREE White Goods packing, moving and connection at end pointPacking in boxes by Movers staff.
  • 3 ton closed trucks.
  • Hanger Boxes to take your clothes in hangers.
  • Wrapping material for fragile items.
  • FREE Disposal of unused items.
  • Experienced Moving Supervisor On-Site.


How It Works?

Why People Choose Smile Handyy?

  • Genuine Pricing

    Choose the service that is within your budget range from a list of trusted service providers in various fields.

  • Vetted Professionals

    We measure and manage our service partners on their service quality to make sure our service is great.

  • Best Customer Experience

    We take customer service seriously. Our contact center is open 7 days per week to help you out with anything you need.

Customer Reviews

4.3/5 Based on 26 reviews

It was very good service and professional staff.

By Kumar Raman On 16-Sep-19

Their staff was very professional and well-coordinated.

By Ghais Ak On 16-Sep-19

It was a great service and the staffs are professional.

By Yoko Kimura On 16-Sep-19

My painting was missing whilst shipping, I was calling the team to find for me the missing item, but they haven't get back to me been 3 weeks now.

By Jessica Brompton On 16-Sep-19

The service was fine.

By Francesca Zorzi On 16-Sep-19

The best company I can have in the market, the staff are very cooperative, professional and the price is competitive in the market. Its a highly recommended.

By Belal Ayyash On 16-Sep-19

Fastest move I ever made, they arrived promptly and did a great job.

By Adeel Anjum On 16-Sep-19

Service was good and was trying to contact the supplier. There are 2 cupboards that need to fix and it was mixed up.

By Devendra Arti On 16-Sep-19

It was a very efficient service the staffs are professionals.

By Muhammad Saleh On 16-Sep-19

I had excellent service and the staffs are professional.

By Adeel Anjum On 16-Sep-19

They did a great job. very excellent.

By Adeel Anjum On 16-Sep-19

Service was great and the staff did the job well done it was met my expectation.

By Muhammad Noor Murad On 16-Sep-19

Good service and I am satisfied with the job.

By Muhammad Kamran On 16-Sep-19

Staffs are very helpful and it was a great service.

By Jenifer Creencia On 16-Sep-19

Staffs are very caring, they put the staff properly in place.

By Shibeshi Ghebre On 16-Sep-19

I was expecting the team should use some bubble wrap and do the things what they keep promise during the calls.

By Manish Goel On 28-Aug-19

There were a couple of incidents, but their attitude was very good. It was an excellent experience overall.

By Mastanaiah Pappur On 31-Jul-19

 The moving team provided quality services and established a good rapport.

By Harris Haneef On 31-Jul-19

The staffs are respectful and expeditious in getting me moved. The 3 of them work well as a team.

By Tareq Sh On 31-Jul-19

It was a good service, they come on time and help me stall some pieces of stuff in our new apartment.

By ahmad khuffash On 31-Jul-19

Everything was flawless! Excellent value.

By Hemal Sampat On 17-Jul-19

Staffs are quite good they are cooperative, I would recommend the team to my friends.

By Umar Janjua On 17-Jul-19

Highly recommended and very professional staff. Already recommended for 2 of his friends.

By Iqbal Saghiri On 17-Jul-19

Service wasn't really good. It took 13 hrs moving the items and the team damaged some of my items.

By Ahmed Al Khatri On 17-Jul-19

Excellent customer service with everyone we talked and worked with. Made move so easy. Thank you!!!

By imad aldeen abdo On 18-Jun-19

An outstanding team that completed the move. They were personal and professional.

By Parvez Khan On 17-Jun-19

All About Movers and Packers

Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi

Are you planning to relocate and thinking of which movers and packers Abu Dhabi to choose from? Well, your only option should be Smile Handyy – one of the leading companies offering expert moving and packing services in the UAE. 

Our expert movers in Abu Dhabi help people relocate everywhere, both international and domestic locations. Right from storage facilities to total relocation services, you can get the best from our Abu Dhabi movers. Moving and relocating to a different city is a very stressful task and it includes careful planning and packaging of all your household items. The task can be very strenuous as most of the items to be packed are quite fragile made of glass. You also need to mark every carton box properly to help in unpacking later. But now, with the help of packers and movers in Abu Dhabi, your task becomes easy. 

Now you can relax as our movers Abu Dhabi take the lead and pack your belongings with expert care. They have wide experience in helping people relocate. For your best experience at relocating, you can completely trust our moving company Abu Dhabi

Why Choose Us?

Smile Handdy is one of the leading packers and movers Abu Dhabi company offering the best rates for expert packing. You might be skeptical about paying an amount to someone help you pack. But when you will consider the pros of our movers Abu Dhabi company, you will willingly oblige:

  • Transportation and Logistics will be taken care ofYou don’t have to worry about logistics, packing, and clearance at government booths once you hire a professional company like ours. Our packers and movers Abu Dhabi company ensure that your goods are relocated without any problems. Once you hire us, it is our job to plan from packing to unloading at your new location with maximum efficiency. 

  • Expert PackagingOur Abu Dhabi movers have good experience in packing all the household items without causing any damage. When you tackle such jobs on your own, you might end up hurting yourself or damaging the products, but with our expert know-house, we know exactly what to use to pack certain goods.

  • Professional Loading and UnloadingOur movers and packers Abu Dhabi company offer expert loading and unloading services. Every time your delicate goods and electronics are loaded or unloaded from our trucks, we take great care to avoid any kind of dents, scratches or damage. While unloading to your new location, navigation through your staircases, doors, handles, balconies, etc, happens smoothly at the hands of our experts.

  • InsuredA professional company such as our movers in Abu Dhabi offers you the option of getting your goods insured. In case of any untoward occurrence, you are protected and this will prevent you from suffering losses. The insurance covers the losses that occurred, if any. 

  • Best Packing and Moving in Abu Dhabi and Dubai:- With professional movers and packers services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and with 7 years of experience we are one of the best moving company in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 
  • Best Packing Material:- Our professional packers and movers team uses the best Packing Material which prevents your material from any damage.
  • Furniture Installation :- With house moving services we do provide Furniture installation services. We are one of the best movers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We provide the best Storage service for your Items so you can rest assured after you have given us the relocation work

Get the expert help of our Abu Dhabi movers and engage in a stress-free relocation, while protecting your household items and products.  

Best Packers and Movers Abu Dhabi

Every move is unique and hence we extend customized premium moving solutions for every client in an organized and safe fashion. Whether it be packing services or moving transportation, we make certain that every detail is addressed. Smile handy has invested quality time in hiring and training its staff in an efficient manner. AED 1000 damage protection and same-day survey is one amongst our top USP’S. 


  • Experienced Moving Manager on-site: For your premium moving service, we exclusively deploy an experienced moving manager. You can expect a top to bottom assistance for your move by an expert that eliminates any risk of a hassle;

  • Closed Trucks: Hiring movers for your premium moving will ensure that all your goods are being relocated in the safest possible manner. Close truck moving is the best possible solution as they eliminate any or every risk of causing any damage to your furniture etc. Due to heat, rain or wind;

  • Handyman service (wall paintings, general hanging & mounting, etc): For a smooth move and assistance at loading and unloading you will need efficient handyman service. For regular maintenance, repairs, and assistance the trained experts at Smile Handyy will assist you;

  • Packing in boxes by Movers staff: For your fragile items that need extra care while moving, we provide the exclusive packing in boxes with detailed attention to breakable stuff. When you hire the premium booking service from Smile handyy you can rest assured;

  • Professional crew of helpers & installers: Besides, loading and unloading of all the items from your home or office space, you will need helpers to assist you at fixation and installation work. Smile handy provides you the professional team of workers who will help you with this work. We also pay detailed attention at the time of our service, as we ensure the disposal of unused items to avoid any kind hassle;

  • Packing of White Goods & connection at the endpoint: White goods such as heavy or light electrical appliances at your home or office property need a different set of packaging and moving facilities. It is a specific process of packing, handling and storing for white goods that our professionals are trained with;

  • Dismantling & assembly of furniture: We have the required essential tools that are required for furniture dismantling and assembly with our premium moving service. The time when any of our staff arrives at the door, your concerns will be taken care of.

Additional Charge Will Apply For:

  • Extra Truckload.

  • Precious material Handling.

  • Loading From Stairs. 

 As one of the leading home service providers in the UAE, customers place their trust in us when it comes to fixing, maintaining and looking after their home and office. Premium moving is one such frequently booked service by our clients.

  • Rapid response at the time of booking any service from our team of professionals is one of our specialties. Expect instant response or free quotes from our trusted partners. Experience an unmatched, timely and reliable service. 

  • Every customer is unique and so are their needs. We understand your problems and are able to give the most holistic solutions based on our personalized services. Get your requirements fulfilled with simplicity and a personal touch.

  • Great attention is paid to every detail that the customers provide.  Sit back with peace of mind as we match your requirements with top-rated and experienced professionals for your premium moving. 


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