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  • Three months of service warranty
  • Cockroach, bedbug and termite control
  • Wood borer and rodent control
  • Stinging insect removal 

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All About Pest Control

Pest Control

We aspire to expel your pests with a custom plan that’s based on your precise needs, so you can get back to breathing in peace and comfort. The high quality and effective pest control service for our valued customers includes safe insecticides and chemicals that are 100% effective at controlling the pests at your home or commercial space. Take a step to promote a safer and healthier place that is free of any kind of pest. 


  • Three months of service warranty: To begin with the pest control services at Smile Handyy we provide a no obligation site inspection so that we can offer the customised solution for your problems.  We ensure our valued customers for a 100% pest control and total control for the next 3 months. Any suspect for any infestation within 3 months of services will be taken care of free of charge;

  • Cockroach, bedbug and termite control: We offer a top quality bed bug and cockroach eradication from your house or office. The bedbugs or cockroaches can be a hazard for your health and with our safe pest control measures you can breathe in a cleaner surrounding;

  • Wood borer and rodent control:  Rodent control or termite control from your woods is not just another task; instead it requires a trained inspection and action. The highly equipped and trained wood borers will help you come out of the situation easily;

  • Stinging insect removal: Smile handy is a renowned name for removal of stinging insects from your home or commercial property. The experts are resourced with all modern equipments and clothing accessories that allow 100% effectiveness in removal of these from your property. 

As one of the leading home service providers in the UAE, customers place their trust in us when it comes to fixing, maintaining and looking after their home and office. Pest control is one such frequently booked service by our clients. 

  • Rapid response at the time of booking any service from our team of professionals is one of our specialities. Expect instant response or free quotes from our trusted partners. Experience an unmatched, timely and reliable service. 

  • Every customer is unique and so are their needs. We understand your problems and are able to give the most holistic solutions based on our personalised services. Get your requirements fulfilled with simplicity and a personal touch.

  • Great attention is paid to every detail that the customers provide.  Sit back with peace of mind as we match your requirements with top-rated and experienced professionals for your pest control. 

Pests are unwanted, dirty, scary and disease-spreading creepy crawlies that enter into our homes to cause great damage and harm to our health and furniture. Common pests inhabiting homes include termites, cockroaches, ants, bugs, mosquitoes and flies. These are difficult to remove by natural remedies and only a good pest control service can eliminate these from your homes.

Termites are the most harmful of the creepy crawlies one can find in and around human habitation. If left unattended, they can ruin the foundation of the house in just some years. Sometimes, it's too late once someone realizes about their infestation. Building a house and getting furniture made is a very costly affair and one cannot imagine redoing the entire process because of these pests. Hence, its better to take some precaution to protect your home. 

Similarly, cockroaches and ants contaminate our homes, spread germs and also ruin our food kept uncovered in the kitchen. Once we consume food touched by these pests, we are bound to fall sick. You should hire the services of pest control Abu Dhabi to Eliminate these crawlies completely from your home or office spaces.

Smile Handyy is one of the leading pest control companies in Abu Dhabi offering expert services for pest removal or eradication. They provide pest control services using the latest chemicals and equipment. They also offer warranty for their services.

With their expert pest control Abu Dhabi, you can eradicate all traces of these harmful pests from your homes or office spaces and deliver hygienic and healthy homes to your children and family members.

Contact Smile Handyy today to get the best deals on pest control services. With the latest technologies available today, you might not be required to evacuate all your belongings and you can get a pest treatment done easily within a few hours. 

Pest Control


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