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Your home cleaning is an everyday affair that helps maintain the overall health of your house. One such part of regular house maintenance is carpet cleaning. This has led to several house cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi to offer carpet cleaning services. There are several house owners who have carpets in their houses, and why won’t they? Carpets after all prove to be an excellent flooring option. The important part is that these home owners will have to make several small and big measures to avoid any susceptible damage to the carpets. The best carpet cleaning option that saves time and effort without compromising on the quality of the service is a professional carpet cleaning service every 6 to 18 months (varies as per usage, carpets and climate). Smile Handyy not only provides end to end result for professional carpet cleaning at best price but ensures an unmatched quality customer support.

Let’s understand the top reasons beside the basics that compels us to hire a professional carpet cleaning company,

  1. Carpets trap innumerable dust particles, bacteria and sometimes termites. These germs have often been a cause of chronic ailments in body such as sinus, breathing tract infection, asthma and allergies. These germs tend to grow on the carpets and then home in the air molecules of your house. To prevent any such ailment from rapidly increasing the cleaners at Smile Handyy ensure using supplies that will not harm your carpet while sanitizing for 100 % protection from germs. Only a professional grade carpet cleaning will eliminate pollutants from your carpet and leave it feeling just as good as new;
  2. It is not just about cleaning the mess that’s already there but also about preventing any future problems. To prevent any kind of home infestation and dust mites especially in the rugs and carpets hire the experts at Smile Handyy. They are equipped with the right tools and supplies along with an expansive knowledge in the subject that allows a quick recovery from these pollutants;
  3. The carpets that are used as floor treatment in houses are not just expensive but also difficult to maintain. Regulating a periodic carpet cleaning and maintenance routine on your carpets will bring a longer life to your carpets. Instead of using any random products on your carpet, believe in the safe and eco friendly supplies with Smile Handyy and make a worthwhile investment;
  4. Besides all these above mentioned reasons you also need to emit the stale smell from your home as carpets tend to trap odors. Professionals at Smile handy have formulaes that can fight toughest odors from your carpet.


Carpets acn be quite an investment or sometimes more than that, they become an iconic feature of your house. It’s time you start taking them seriously. Smile Handyy is a leading carpet cleaning company in Abu Dhabi with unparallel services and best in market price. Happy home is the best! 


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