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 Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy in Dubai - Picture this: You have just come from your work. Every corner of your home is sparkling, the books are on their shelf, the carpets are looking fresh and the windows are shining like a mirror. Welcome to your dream home. Looking so sophisticated right? The clean and organized is the first sign of a healthy life and even the first step to “Healthy well-being”. In this blog, we will discuss the Top 10 tips to keep your home clean and tidy in Dubai that will help you to make your home and lifestyle Clutter-free and Bacteria-free. Stay Tuned!

When it comes to complete home cleaning in Dubai, it may become challenging for busy owners. But it doesn’t mean they are free to invite bacteria into their home and create an unhealthy space for the entire family. You can hire professional cleaning services in Dubai.

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Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy in Dubai

We have just made a new lesson with a little updation - "Where there is Hygiene there is Health". We, humans, can’t even imagine the phone or laptop you are holding right now to read this blog containing how many bacteria. A clean space is always the first choice for families. But as we know, COVID-19 took a drastic hit to the whole world. After the pandemic, the term “ hygiene” becomes more crucial.

In bustling cities like Dubai, it becomes more important for the residents to keep their homes clean and germ-free by following the basic cleaning techniques. Below, the experts at Smilehandyy have designed a list of the top 10 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy in Dubai.

Have a detailed look!

1. Clean Your Bed Everyday

This is one of the first and essential tips to make your home look healthy and productive. Whenever you wake up, make sure you organize your bed. There may be some crumbs of the snacks that you eat while watching a series on your bed. Don’t be messy and clean your bed.

2. Washing Dishes Without Wait

After satisfying their hunger, most people often become lazy when it comes to washing the dishes. It is nothing, but yeah an open invitation to the bacteria to the sink. Remember, you will cook your meal again in the same kitchen. So, wash your dishes without any delay and block the way of bacteria. A clean Kitchen means a Clean Home.

3. Right Items At Right Place

This is the best tip to avoid clutter in your home. After reading the book, place it from where you pick. After using the bottle, keep them in that specific corner. You slept on your sofa last night, keep your blanket in its previous place. When you see every item placed in its perfect place, your home naturally looks aesthetic and tidy.

4. Clean Carpets

Carpets are a beautiful part of our home decor. In Dubai, the trend of tiles for home has grown but many owners still like carpets because of their soft surface and comfort. If you are also one of those, then it is essential to vacuum your carpets daily. Because carpet easily absorbs dust and keep bacteria inside it so, it is essential to clean them.

5. Distributing Duties

It is not possible to reach your #cleanandtidyhome without your family contribution. The cleaning job becomes more easy when each member is giving his/her participation. Distribute some cleaning tasks to every member of your family. Like washing their utensils, folding personal clothes, wiping the washroom after bath, and others.

6. Cleaning Materials

Many materials are used to clean the home. For instance; to clean the taps and prevent them from rusting, you can use vinegar. The acidic nature of vinegar helps to remove the dirt from taps and make it look like a new.

7. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

While choosing chemicals to clean and disinfect your home, make sure they are not too strong. Usage of harmful chemicals can harm the newborn baby or someone with respiratory problems.

8. Say No to “Washing” Gap

Stop waiting for that specific day to wash your clothes. The more time you take, the more clothes to be washed and the more time need to fold them. So, it’s better to wash your clothes without any gaps. You can hire laundry services if you don’t have time, but budget.

9. Clean Windows

Wow! That fresh air that revives your entire home when you open the window. But what if the windows are not clean? The germs will spread throughout your home. Don’t forget to clean your windows daily with cotton fabrics or other methods to keep your home clean and healthy.

10. AC? Of course!

As we know, the temperature in Dubai often remains hot. That’s why many of you use AC for relief from this hot climate. It is essential to maintain and clean your AC by dealing with professional AC cleaning services, otherwise, it may harm your home structure like leakage issues making it look unclean.

Wrapping Up!

The blog aims to inform about the Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy in Dubai. Cleaning is not a simple job but also not rocket science. The mission to create a clean earth first starts from our home. We discussed some practical tips that help to make your cleaning task easier and less time-consuming and create a home that is clean, clutter-free, and healthy.

We hope this blog helps!

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Q1: How much does it cost to hire cleaning services in Dubai?

Ans: If you are looking to hire cleaning services in Dubai, then the estimated cost can range between AED 25 to AED 40 per hour.

Q2: Can I use vinegar to clean the taps?

Ans; The acidic nature of vinegar helps to remove the dirt and stain from taps and make it clean and shiny.

Q3: Do you provide carpet cleaning services in Dubai?

Ans: Yes, we also offer exclusive carpet cleaning services in both locations including Dubai and Abu-Dhabi.

Q4: How much do you charge for AC maintenance?

Ans: To know the prices and more about our services, reach out to us by calling 600 588883 or dropping your queries by email at


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