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Moving from one place to another has a thrill but is stressful and chaotic at the same time. Its all about options and preparation. By options we mean, choosing your movers and by preparation we suggest, that you are organized. If you make a list of your things and get it organized, the first half is done, your movers will do the next. If you are from Abu Dhabi, then you are in luck. Smilehandyy are the local movers in Abu Dhabi who provide affordable moving services within the city and outside.




1. Find a moving company which is licensed

Do some research about their credentials! Not all movers and packers in Abu Dhabi are licensed, and checking their credentials will help you get a smoother move. If you choose the professionals, then you can be assured that your things will be duly taken care of. Look for the best and affordable moving services Abu Dhabi who ensure that your belongings reach their destination safe and sound. 




2. Be Smart Act Smart

While moving to a new place, you need to have all the necessary documents with you such as your driver’s license, property papers, etc. Make sure to keep these documents handy and separate from all other household things during your move so that you don’t miss them.




3. Priceless items! Pack them Good

We all have things which can’t get replaced if they are lost or gets damaged. Such things should be duly taken care of and should get packed with the utmost care. Don’t forget to instruct your movers and packers company to pack them separately and to handle them with high priority and protection.

4. Label your Boxes

Unloading your moving truck will be done by the workers but what about unpacking these items and placing them at your new place. Things can turn chaotic while you move, its always a better idea to label all your boxes according to the rooms so that you know which box has items to which place.




5. Kitchen Comes Last

The packaging of all the stuff related to the kitchen should be done at last as you might need some things from your kitchen to use as essentials for the new place.

Smilehandyy is one of the local moving companies Abu Dhabi has and provides highly satisfactory Movers and Packers services within the city and for outside Abu Dhabi as well. With 24 * 7 customer services, you can get rest assured that your shift of place will be backed by convenience.


Smilehandyy shifts in-

  • Closed trucks
  • Packaging is done in right quality boxes to keep your belongings safe and secure
  • Equipped with a professional crew of helpers and workers for installations
  • Provides dismantling and assembling of furniture

Take your First step towards a Smooth Move!


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