The Significance of Annual AC Servicing & Maintenance

The Summer season is upon us already, which means it is time to turn on the Air Conditioning units everywhere. AC is an absolute necessity in Dubai, and most houses are equipped with central cooling units. It is impossible to survive the heat without the temperature control within the places. Like all other electrical equipment and appliances, the AC at our homes and offices require regular upkeep. If not taken care of, their performance deteriorates over time.

With the busy lifestyle that most Dubai residents enjoy, they can't clean their ACs by themselves. Furthermore, special equipment is required to carry out thorough maintenance, which is unavailable at most houses. It is thus essential to engage the services of professional AC and Duct Cleaning Company in the UAE. We have discussed below the health hazards and other negative impacts of ignoring the AC servicing at your homes and how regular maintenance will help improve your family's quality of life.

Enhanced Performance

UAE is basically a desert, and sand, dust, and debris are part of the air here. Moreover, air pollution has further worsened the city's air quality. This pollutant-packed air goes through our ACs. The cooling coil is an essential part of the AC and is installed at the unit's inlet. The purpose of this component is to absorb the heat from the air inside your house. The dust and dirt are deposited over the coil as the air enters. If the cleaning is neglected for a longer time, there will be a buildup inside the AC. Due to this, the unit has to work harder to do its job of cooling the air, and its performance will become poor. You must hire a professional AC maintenance company to clean the AC from the inside and remove the debris deposited over the coil to bring back the efficiency.

Better Air Quality

The air quality is dropping massively in Dubai due to many reasons. The AC units not only provide the cooling of the air within our house, but they also clean the air we breathe. Air filters are crucial parts of the ACs, and they eliminate the dust and dirt from the air. Over time, this debris gets deposited over the filtering unit. If they are not cleaned and the dust is not removed, mold and bacteria tend to grow in this environment. This moldy air will then get pushed into our houses. Not cleaning the AC and especially filters can cause many health issues, including respiratory diseases such as asthma and trigger allergies. Schedule an annual AC maintenance service through professional companies and provide a healthier environment within your house for your family.

Reduction in Utility Bills

As discussed before, the condition of the evaporator coil directly affects the performance of the AC. When they are not cleaned regularly, the unit has to work harder to produce the desired cooling and to achieve the temperature set on the thermostat. This means the AC is consuming more electricity which increases the bills. To cut down the energy consumption, regular maintenance of the AC is absolutely essential.