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Moving from one place to another can be a huge task, especially if you need to move a lot of things. While a lot of movers and packers will help with household shifting, single item movers are hard to find. Luckily, some reputed single item movers in Abu Dhabi who help to move your valuable items at the most affordable rates.

Before, selecting a single item mover, you need to consider a lot of things. Here’s what you should try to find out before choosing a reliable service provider.

Locate Movers Who are Willing to Transport Single Items

If you wish to shift a few things or just one item, it is difficult to find movers. Therefore, it becomes necessary to find movers who are willing to transport single items. Once you find a mover, do not expect nominal charges just because you need to move one item. Charges can be quite high for single items. So, you would probably want to transport a single item only when it is extremely valuable and the delivery charges would not bother you.

When Do Movers Agree to Shift Single Items?

Generally, movers are not willing to shift single items within a city. They would rather like to add it to a larger consignment moving to a different state or city. In such cases, big trucks are used to transport goods and they have a few pick-ups on the way. If they have room for single items, they are likely to accommodate your things, even if it is a single item. But, extra mover fees may be charged due to the inconvenience of picking up a small package. Therefore, it is best to call a reputed mover and ask for quotes beforehand, specifying individual requirements.

Who Should Opt for Single Item Movers in Abu Dhabi?   

Relocating can be a tough task. Yet, movers try to make the process as hassle-free as possible. But, the problem arises when you need to move a single piece of valuable item. It could be an expensive television set, a piece of precious furniture or a big appliance. Consider its value before opting for single item delivery. If you feel it is necessary to hire a professional to move the item, get in touch with movers and enquire about their expertise in transferring specific items. It will give you a fair idea about their ability to successfully move things without causing any damage on the way.

Look for Services Offered by Movers

When you want to transport a single item, it is essential to find expert movers who can help with the safe passage of valuable things. If a mover is willing to include services such as packing, unpacking and furniture assembly, it is always beneficial to select these service providers. Besides, a team of professionals who are experts in moving specific items can be contacted.

How to Select the Best Service Providers

It is essential to pick only the best service providers. Look at customer reviews and ratings to gauge the service quality of any mover. You can also take recommendations from friends or acquaintances to find the best packers and movers in your area.

How to Choose the Best Single Item Movers in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, there are numerous furniture moving businesses that also provide services for transporting single objects. Based on your location and financial constraints, you must conduct research to find the top providers of this service in your area. After that, there are a few more things you need to be aware of before the transfer itself.

Packing the Furniture Piece

The secret to making sure it gets to its destination safely is careful packing. 

  • Examining furniture

Your hired movers will help you and handle everything. Everything else will be organized in accordance with the type of furniture that needs to be relocated after it has been thoroughly inspected and examined. By inspecting, they will learn what materials, moving equipment, and packaging the item will require as well as the approximate cost of shipment. 

  • Upholstery Cleaning

The removalists will carefully clean the furniture after examination. This is because while moving, trash and dust could harm your furniture. Additionally, it guarantees that you won't bring soiled or dusty furniture to your spotless new home.

  • Dismantling the Furniture

Sometimes, moving a large piece of furniture like a bed or cabinet might not be an option. Your movers may disassemble your furniture in these circumstances so that it may be packed and moved in smaller, more manageable parts. Additionally, it could lessen moving-related damage to your item. Any furniture that needs to be relocated should ideally have its top and legs removed because they are delicate. Before packing begins, it is important to consider any additional removable components.

  • Packing

You might need to use a plastic bag to store all the screws, knobs, and other small parts if you disassemble the piece of furniture. To ensure that the bags stay closed, label them and use tape. Furthermore, you must to utilize towels, bubble wrap, and newspapers when packing delicate items like mirrors. When moving furniture in Abu Dhabi, your movers will be aware of the appropriate wrapping material to use for each piece.


Contact SmileHandyy to Move Single Items

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You can relieve yourself of the anxiety associated with relocating alone with a little assistance from furniture moving firms. A second helping hand is always welcome, therefore you might think about hiring single-item movers in Abu Dhabi. On Smile Handyy, it's simple to request free quotes and hire furniture movers in Abu Dhabi based on your needs..



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