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How Much Does Local Moving Cost in Dubai? - Planning to move houses or offices in Dubai and wondering about cost? Smilehanddy has got you covered! Well, shifting to a new place is truly an exciting experience but if often come up with a “Severe Headache”. Fixing the right budget for relocation also remains a big burden for the owners. In this blog, we will break down How Much Does Local Moving Costs in Dubai? Stay Tuned!

So, finally, that location will be your new address. We understand your emotions attached to your previous location, where you grow, learn, and build memories with your loved ones. Every item that you have packed in the boxes is expensive as it is directly connected to your memories with previous spaces. Moving towards a fresh location in Dubai can be a challenging deal, so that's why it is essential to hire a professional mover and packer, and here the name Smilehandyy steps in!

Smilehandyy is exceptionally renowned for offering world-class moving and packing services in both locations including Dubai and Abu-Dhabi. Our team has highly trained professionals who always go above and beyond expectations and follow the necessary protocols. Our uncovering commitment to client satisfaction aims to provide safe, well-organized, and smooth service for moving homes, apartments, villas, or professional settings on time and without shaking the budget.

If you have further queries about our company and top-notch services, then feel free to reach out to us by dialing 600 588883 or dropping your doubts the email at Our team would love to hear from you!'

How Much Does Local Moving Cost in Dubai?

Whether it’s for residential purposes or commercial objectives, Are you planning for a local move to Dubai or Abu-Dhabi? Do you value your money and time? Do you want a safe and seamless moving experience? Are you wondering How Much Does Local Moving Cost in Dubai? If your answers to all these questions are “Absolutely”, then you are on the right page.

Hire experienced movers and packers like Smilehandyy that will not only save your time but also help to reduce your additional cost and offer you a secure, seamless, and budget-friendly shifting experience. Well, there is not a fixed cost for local moving in Dubai and Abu-dhabi. Numerous factors hold major significance in setting an overall cost to move to a new location.

Below we, Smilehandy, have mentioned some of the essential factors that you must consider while calculating the cost of local moving in Dubai or Abu-Dhabi.

Here we go!

1. Size of your belongings

The size of your belongings plays a big role in analyzing the moving cost in Dubai. The larger the size of your belongings like furniture or other items, the more professionals will required which will lead to higher costs for hiring moving services.

2. Distance Matters

The longer distance directly impacts the cost of moving. If you are moving within the city, then the cost of hiring professional movers and packers will not raise the bill. On the flip side, if you are not shifting locally, then it will naturally influence your budget.

3. Chosen Company

In Dubai, some multiple movers and packers usually charge higher fees as they offer superior services. The owners don’t need to worry about damages, delays, vehicle arrangement, plan B, and others if they have hired such a company for their services. Moreover, multiple movers and packers also offer insurance to cover the loss.

4. Moving Schedule

Your planned schedule to move to your new house or office is also a major factor that can vary the cost. Well, the cost of hiring movers and packers usually remains higher on busier days in Dubai. That’s why it is recommended to move on Saturday or other day rather than Friday.

5. Additional Charges

If the movers and packers use special materials to pack your belongings to keep them safe throughout the way, then it will also lead to more costs. Furthermore, if you have other special demands, then you may also have to pay extra charges for it.

Finally! It’s time to unveil the answer that you have been waiting for!

For residential purposes, the estimated cost of moving in Dubai ranges from

Studio Apartment - AED 700- AED 1000
One-bedroom apartment: AED 1000 – 1500
Two-bedroom apartment: AED 1800 – 2,500
Three-bedroom villa: AED 3,000 – 5,000

Wrapping Up!

The blog aims to inform about How Much Does Local Moving Cost in Dubai? Moving to a new location in Dubai is a joyful deal,plus also somehow comes with some stress. However professional movers and packers help to offer a hassle-free, safe, and reliable moving experience.

Furthermore, we have also discussed some factors that influence the cost of moving to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. so, it is better to consider these factors before calculating the moving cost.

If you are looking for a seamless, safe, and wonderful moving experience without compromising your budget, then contact Smilehandyy by dialing 600 588883 or dropping your doubts the email at

People May Also Ask for How Much Does Local Moving Cost in Dubai?

Q1: How much does it cost for a local move for a studio apartment in Dubai?

Ans: The estimated cost for a local move for a studio apartment in Dubai can go from AED 700- AED 1000.

Q2: Which factors influence the cost of moving in Dubai?

Ans: Various factors influence the cost of moving in Dubai, including the size of the belongings, distance to your new location, additional charges, the company you chose, and the schedule.

Q3: Which vehicles are used by your company for moving services?

Ans: We provide top-tier vehicles for moving based on the requirements. We used 3-ton fully covered trucks to protect your goods from heat, dust, or other damage.

Q4: How much do you charge for local moving in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Ans: To know the cost and more about our services, reach out to us by calling 600 588883 or dropping your questions by email at


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