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A clean house plays a vital role in your health and mental status. A spotless and germ-free house leaves a positive effect on your minds and well-being. Though cleaning is such a small and simple word, the amount of menial work that goes towards cleaning is unimaginable. It seems to be a never-ending task once you embark on the cleaning spree. And more importantly, you tend to clean only some parts, furniture and furnishings of your house while conveniently ignoring some others which can eventually become a serious cause of concern for you. To bring your attention to such places in your house, Smilehandyy has come up with a list which will immensely help you in getting a perfectly clean house. 


Frames of doors and windows – Being the part of your house structure, these places receive a lot of dust and debris. As time passes, the dirt layer on them gets thicker. It is very important to perform dusting and cleaning of these places regularly.

Curtains – People like to buy fancy and designer curtains but once hung, they barely think about their cleaning. One important factor behind this careless neglecting attitude is their quantity and size along with the absence of appropriate cleaning aids. Curtains absorb dust and in the absence of timely cleaning, they may turn into a breeding ground for the dust mites aggravating some health conditions like asthma.

Electrical Gadgets – Fans and electrical switches are the things which you operate daily but rarely take efforts to keep them clean. If fans are not cleaned regularly, the dust gets accumulated in combination with the tiny precipitates of cooking oil or water vapors resulting in a thick, sticky black paste-like material which becomes hard to remove. It is advised to clean them regularly by a vacuum cleaner or a wet cloth. Even other electric items like AC, TV, fridge must be on your list of regular cleaning.

Carpets Carpet cleaning should be done twice a week and more than that if you live with smokers, pets or children. The carpets easily catch allergens, pet hair, mold and so on and can harm the health of the family members by bringing you in contact with harmful bacteria. To keep the health of your loved ones in good shape, regular vacuuming of carpets is very important and you should have professional cleaning twice or thrice a year to maintain the carpets in great condition.

Mattress – Yes, mattresses on which you sleep daily but never think about its cleaning. A mattress also needs to be cleaned firmly as it too absorbs dirt and debris. Professional cleaning greatly helps in getting an absolute clean and germ-free mattress.

These are the places which need to be cleaned regularly and you can resort to professional cleaning if you don’t have the energy or time to clean them.

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