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Choosing the Right Cleaning Service for Your Needs- A house is just more than a building where we build memories with our loved ones and that’s why it’s called “Home”. Whether it’s small or big, it is essential to maintain your home in perfect condition. Not only for home, the place where you work, play and relax also should be fresh and tidy. If you always remain packed with a busy schedule and don’t have enough time to clean your home or office properly, then you have landed on the perfect page. In this blog, we will explore a detailed guide on choosing the right cleaning service for your needs to elevate your space and living experience. Stay Tuned!

According to studies, living and working in messy and unclean spaces can impact our overall behavior. They can influence our thoughts, moods, and emotions. Moreover, working and living in unhygienic spaces gives birth to germs and bacteria which can also lead to several health-related issues. So, it’s essential to keep your homes and working areas neat and clean to stay joyful and healthy. Well, numerous companies offer cleaning services at various locations. But before choosing any cleaning service for your needs, make sure they are reliable, experienced, and competitive. And here the name Smilehandyy steps in!

Make your Space “Clean” and “Healthy “ with Smilehandyy

In the ever-evolving landscape of the cleaning industry, Smilehandyy always holds a unique rank. We are exceptionally renowned for offering world-class cleaning services in two bustling locations: Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Whether it’s residential or professional, we have expertise in every project and provide specialized cleaning services including sofa cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, and others at cost-effective prices.

Our team has highly skilled workers who meticulously plan cleaning strategies to eliminate dust, dirt, allergens, and bacteria, and offer you space that is clean, healthy, and hygienic.

If you have further queries about our company and top-notch services, then feel free to reach out to us by dialing 600 588883 or dropping your doubts the email at Our team would love to hear from you!

Crisp Guide for Choosing the Right Cleaning Service for Your Needs 

As we have already mentioned, many companies provide cleaning services for various purposes and at different locations. Going for one can be a complex task, especially when it’s your first time and have no idea about the cleaning services industry.

Below we have compiled a start-to-finish guide that will help you in Choosing the Right Cleaning Service for Your Needs to save your precious time, effort, and money.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Experience

When it comes to cleaning services, experience matters. Look for a company that has remarkable experience and incredible expertise in the cleaning industry. The cleaning company with brilliant experience helps you to offer flawless results on time without any damage to your items.

  1. Research 

Nowadays, every individual and company has a digital presence. Cleaning companies also use digital methods to attract new customers. Check out their social media platforms and go through the reviews to know if the company is reliable or not. Ask about their previous projects for a better vision of their cleaning services.

  1. Compare prices

Before choosing the right cleaning service for your needs, don’t forget to compare their fees with the other cleaning companies in the market.  It will help you to know whether they are charging valid fees or not for their services. Generally, there is a slight difference between the prices, but if it’s more than your expectations then it’s better to negotiate or switch to other companies. 

  1. Ask Recommendations

Contact and ask your friends, relatives, colleagues, or someone you trust who knows and hire cleaning services after a regular period. Their feedback, experience, or references can play a pivotal role in choosing the right cleaning service for your needs.

Why Choose Smilehandyy for the Right Cleaning Services for Your Needs

Welcome to Smilehandyy - Your Ultimate Destination for Premium Cleaning Services 

In a short and challenging period, Smilehandyy has earned the trust of uncountable clients. We are a prominent company that is widely recognized for offering state-of-the-art cleaning services in the UAE. Our team has well-trained professionals who always remain ten steps forward in every game. 

  • We operate our cleaning services in two locations Dubai and Abu-Dhabi by fulfilling all the legal requirements including licence and insurance, ensuring safety and credibility.
  • Whether it’s your home or professional settings, you can rely on Smilehandyy to keep your space fresh, tidy, hygienic, and bacteria-free. 
  • Time is a valuable asset and we respect our client‘s time. We always follow advanced tools and techniques to complete the job on time. 
  • When it comes to client satisfaction, we never take it lightly. We closely coordinate with our customers, listen to their goals, and offer them tailored cleaning services.
  • Our unwavering commitment to a sustainable environment sets us apart from others. Whether it’s a single carpet cleaning or complete home cleaning, we always pay attention to detail and prefer customized and nontoxic cleaning practices that adhere to eco-friendly standards. 
  • Furthermore, for busy clients, we also plan flexible schedules. You can hire our cleaning services on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis that matches your schedule, comfort, and budget.
  • Our cleaning services involve deep cleaning, sofa cleaning, pool cleaning, carpet cleaning, and hourly maids.

Not only cleaning services, but you can also hire our smooth and punctual carpentry services, plumbing services, AC maintenance, painting services, pest control, and others without compromising your budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Book our unmatchable services in just a few tabs and elevate your area to a “Fresh, ‘Spotless and Healthy” space.

Contact Details 

Phone Number: 600 588883

Email ID:

Registered Location: Hub71, Al Khatem Tower, ADGM Square, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi 

People May Also Ask for Choosing the Right Cleaning Service for Your Needs 

Q1: How can I find the right cleaning services in Dubai?

Ans: If you are in search of the best cleaning services in Dubai, then Smilehandyy is here to put an end mark to your search. We are a reputable company that offers top-quality, punctual, and seamless cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Contact us for more!

Q2: Can I contact Smilehandyy for weekly cleaning services for my home?

Ans: Yes, whether the customers want weekly, monthly, or daily basis services, you can hire our cleaning services that coordinate with your schedule and budget.

Q3: Do you provide carpet cleaning services?

Ans: Yes, we also provide top-class carpet cleaning services that aim to leave your space fresh, aesthetic, and clean.

Q4: What are the different payment methods for your services?

Ans: We accept payment by various methods including debit card, cash, cheque, credit card, and online payment. Customers can choose any method at their convenience.

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